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Through our superior inventory management system, reaching your business goals has never been easier. In 1999, we were one of the first companies in the Great Lakes Bay Region to embrace vending. We have the experience to help your company decide if vending is right for you. We do that through a focused effort on what we call The Big Seven.

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The Big Seven

  • Assessing Needs

    To design the most flexible and effective supply chain system for you, we analyze every part of your organization. We look at physical layout, tool and materials usage, inventory movement, operator access needs, logistics, shipping, purchasing and reporting requirements. The inventory control systems we provide for you could include software applications, point-of-use dispensing systems, on-site tool crib management, even purchasing services.

  • Reducing Consumption

    Our systems reduce consumption through demand-based ordering, supplier-consigned inventory, and managed dispensing of tools and supplies. Demand-based ordering means less downtime and less paperwork, saving you time. Time is money.

  • Reducing Waste

    By constantly evaluating inventory condition, items that can save you money through regrinding are reconditioned and positioned for use ahead of more expensive new tools.

  • Assessing Usage

    Our tracking system readily identifies and removes items before they become obsolete and reduces out-stock with employee tracking.

  • Managing Inventory

    Stock is managed with real-time inventory count. This saves you money by automatically ordering what you need when you need it.

  • Increasing Accountability

    Our software gives you real-time access to material usage by individual employee, job, shift or department.

  • Increasing Production

    Secure 24/7 availability allows employees to spend their time making goods instead of managing your tool crib.

Partnership Mentality

Why choose AutoCrib? Because AutoCrib gives employees easy access to critical tools. It gives managers easy access to critical data by tracking usage. AutoCrib is flexible, customizable and constantly innovating new management systems. Click here to visit the AutoCrib website.

PF Markey selected AutoCrib because it delivers the world’s broadest line of automated inventory vending systems (software and machines.) AutoCrib provides 24/7 unmanned availability to inventory while maintaining complete access control and 100% inventory accuracy.

AutoCrib has the most flexible system and offers a truly customizable option for each of your needs. For example, the Robo 2000 can hold 2,574 individual items in less than 27 square feet of floor space. No other machine in the world can claim that. AutoCrib has a true migration path and the capability to meet the needs of each stage of your company’s growth.

AutoCrib is innovative and constantly evaluates and develops new products. Our industry is changing daily and we need to be on the forefront of technology and innovation to stay competitive. AutoCrib is aligned with this mindset and has proved such with a constant release of new products. AutoCrib’s board maintains a goal of two to three new product innovations annually.

AutoCrib provides ongoing support technically and in the field to make sure all aspects of our distribution have the latest information and resources.

The AutoCrib software and dispensing platform allows you to customize how you run your facility. With AutoCrib it is very easy for your operators to get what they need in a timely fashion. The days of looking for inventory are over. You will know instantly where your items are, how much you have and what you need in real time.

AutoCrib does not use third party technology and is completely sourced under one roof. By developing and producing their products at one location, they take complete ownership and responsibility of the entire system. When issues arise, we know that we do not have to call multiple locations and a third party to derive a solution.

The above mentioned are just a few highlights of the excellence we found in AutoCrib. Once we evaluated all aspects of determining which company would provide the best platform to meet our company’s goal of maximizing our customer’s profit, we felt like AutoCrib was the best option.

AutoCrib provides a seamless solution not only initially but during and after implementation.

Premier AutoCrib Distributor

In 2017, AutoCrib named PF Markey “Premier Distributor” for the 9th consecutive year. Premier Distributors have demonstrated the ability to provide the highest level of system design and consulting, field support and automatic inventory replenishment services, through a commitment to continuing education and dedicated personnel.

“AutoCrib distributors represent us around the globe,” states Steve Pixley, AutoCrib Inc. CEO. “And as AutoCrib is the most trusted name in industrial vending, they are an integral part of our brand. Our Premier Distributors are providing a completely integrated turnkey solution: hardware, software, setup, training, service and support.

We expect that potential customers will reach out to them first because of their training, hands-on experience and deep expertise in the processes required to dramatically cut inventory costs in a variety of industrial environments.”

A Premier Distributor must meet AutoCrib’s requirements in sales, marketing, customer service and training in order to maintain this status. PF Markey is one of only 20 companies in the world named Premier Distributors in 2017.

Mobile Showroom

If you aren’t sure if vending is right for your company, give us a call. PF Markey can bring an AutoCrib mobile showroom to your business. You can see and touch different models, watch them work and see how the software records transactions. You’ll even be able to load them with your products for a trial run. We take the time to make sure all your questions are answered.

Determining if vending is right for your business is a big decision and one that has tremendous impact on the bottom line.

Each business has different needs. That’s why we bring the showroom to you. There’s no better way for us to learn about each other and create a plan for us to work together.

At PF Markey, we know the vending industry. AutoCrib is the best product on the market. Its commitment to innovation and ability to customize for each workplace is unmatched in the industry. Call today to schedule a time for our mobile showroom to visit your business so you can see the difference for yourself.

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