What We Do

Our elevator pitch and then some…

We specialize in distributing cutting tools, abrasives, coolants and diamonds. A key focus of our company is helping our customers achieve greater efficiency and cost savings through utilization of our vending system process, also known as a tool management system. As one of the first distributors to embrace industrial vending back in 1999, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you achieve your goals.

Our partners include conventional and commodity managed accounts in industries including medical, automotive, oil and gas, automotive and aerospace. We service accounts of all sizes from start-ups to established, multimillion dollar businesses with multiple locations.

The PF Markey tool management system has a proven record of cost savings and increased profitability, giving your business the competitive edge.

Our job is to partner with your business. We provide secure, 24/7 availability to tools and supplies with our innovative tooling solutions.

PF Markey also orders what our customers need, when they need it, resulting in less down-time and less paperwork. That means an increase in profitability. PF Markey effectively tracks usage to lower stock-outs and efficiently evaluates inventory condition. Our clients have real-time access to material usage data by department, shift, job and even individual employee.

We work with you to enhance efficiency and build profit. PF Markey reduces consumption through demand-based ordering, supplier-consigned inventory, and managed dispensing of tools and supplies.

Our Primary Products

  • Cutting tools (standard and specialty)
  • Abrasives and finishing
  • Diamonds
  • Coolants and lubricants
  • Tools and workholding
  • Machinery and tools
  • Materials handling, MRO & misc
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Our Services

  • Conventional Distribution
  • Commodity Management
  • Regrind Services
  • Site Management
  • On-Site and Off-Site Training
  • Targeted Cost Savings
  • Consistent Review
  • Project Decks
  • Backup Inventory
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PF Markey
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