AutoCrib and PF Markey Embracing New Vending Machine Technology

PF Markey Latest News

PF Markey is preparing to deliver groundbreaking technology in inventory vending machines to its customers.

AutoCrib recently announced its new Platinum series, which includes a powerful image-based user interface. At 19″, the user-friendly touch screen is the largest in the industry. AutoCrib is comparing the technology in the new machines to what we see in today’s smart phones.

What the new technology means for end user is faster selection times. Users will swipe vibrant product images on the screen, making their jobs easier and more efficient.

The new system also is similar to shopping online. It allows users to locate items through three different category levels, eliminating the need to know a product’s part number or accurate description.

Your PF Markey sales representative will be in touch at your next visit to talk about how to incorporate the new technology into your system. If you want information before that visit, please call your representative. We also will offer all the necessary training to ensure your team fully understands and uses this new technology to best save time and money.