Milacron and PF Markey partner up

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SAGINAW – Since November of 2013 Cincinnati based Milacron has been seeking a cutting tool distributor to simplify their growing needs. They have chosen to partner with Saginaw based PF Markey.

PF Markey, with nearly four decades of service, specializes in supplying tools to help companies like Milacron improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of their processes.

The 4,100 employee Milacron has been using PF Markey as the supplier for their location in Michigan for several years, their partnership will build on this foundation. PF Markey will have personnel at all 10 Milacron locations in North America.

They really had the best overall proposal.” Michella Schaller, Milacron Senior Global Category Manager said. “We’re looking to consolidate and reduce costs. We are anticipating great things.”

Milacron provides a variety of plastic processing equipment, technology, and services in 10 North American locations. The partnership means incredible growth opportunities and change for both partners.

“We’re excited,” Jim Terry, PF Markey President said. “It means some healthy growth for our company with an additional 10 to 12 new employees.”

These new PF Markey personnel will monitor process improvement with the aim of increased efficiency. They will do this by reviewing the progress on a regular basis and keeping the lines of communication open between all of the Milacron locations and PF Markey.

“Our approach is to look for true partners,” said Jack Goodenough, PF Markey VP of Sales and Marketing. “We help companies of all sizes to maximize profitability. We know what works and we get trackable results.”
One thing that works is vending for tools at partners’ locations. PF Markey will continue to use the AutoCrib vending machine line at Milacron, as they have for almost seven years with all of their existing partners. This allows for accurate information on supplies used, and aids in accounting for all tools to minimize waste in both supplies and dollars.