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Since 1977, PF Markey has been achieving consistent cost savings for our customers. We have the experience to be the right partner for your company and your company’s future.

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Track Record

PF Markey, in business since 1977, has been achieving consistent cost savings for our customers for decades. Since 2001, we have over $20 million in signed-off cost savings. In 2017 alone, our customer cost savings reached $3,024,028! We have relationships with all the major manufacturers in our industry. What’s that mean for you? It means we understand what works and what does not work.


Partnership Mentality

Our approach is to only work with companies who see a value in a true business partnership. We feel this is key to achieve long-term success for both of us. Companies that are growth-oriented and committed to continual testing, training and reviews are the best fits for PF Markey. Together, we can ultimately achieve consistency in cost-savings and new levels of profitability.

24/7 Support

PF Markey’s customer service and IT departments are available to meet and address your companies needs no matter the time of day. We have the capability to deliver products, repair equipment and even regrind and deliver tools at a moment’s notice.

We are at the ready around the clock for technical support and crisis management. No matter what hour of the day or night, we understand keeping production going is important. Our highest priority is 24-hour access to the tools and supplies you need to stay productive. At PF Markey, we are here to facilitate that in every way possible.


Delivery & Stocking

Allowing PF Markey to manage your inventory allows you to do what you are best at – producing quality parts.

You will free up time, energy and resources to focus on your production and new business opportunities while we handle your tooling/MRO needs. PF Markey maintains all aspects of your ongoing supply chain including ordering, receiving, repackaging, labeling, maintaining an ever-changing min/max, delivery and stocking your items.

Only about 35% of the cost of ownership is the purchase price of an item. The remaining 65% is made up of receiving, counting, storage, disposal and handling costs. With automated dispensing, many of these costs are eliminated or can be shifted to the distributor.

Increase Productivity

Nothing helps you get the job done like having the exact tool you need at the ready. PF Markey is focused on keeping exactly what our clients need where they need it, allowing for more focus on production. We work one on one with our clients to find cost savings through increased productivity. Our proven techniques work.

At PF Markey, our goal is to save you headaches. When PF Markey manages your tool inventory, your business will become more cost-effective. Want to know how? It’s simple. We slash the time you spend managing inventory. Let’s face it. People make mistakes. Especially people under stress due to performance demand. PF Markey takes the stress out of managing your tool crib so your employees can concentrate on what earns you money — making your product.

Our goal is to lower your total manufacturing costs as much as possible without sacrificing quality. We accomplish this by custom designing the most effective system for maximum efficiency and cost savings at every facility in your organization.

Only about 35% of the cost of ownership is the purchase price of an item. The remaining 65% is made up of receiving, counting, storage, disposal and handling costs. With automated dispensing, many of these costs are eliminated or can be shifted to the distributor.

PF Markey provides tooling solutions for higher profit margins. Guaranteed! We take complete and efficient care of tooling supply, everything from ordering, warehousing and tracking to maintenance and delivery.


Manage Inventory

When PF Markey manages your tool inventory, your business becomes more cost-effective.

No more inventory back-ups. We can ship and stock your product. We order, receive, re-package, label, track minimum and maximum fluctuation, deliver and stock what you need. With information from AutoCrib software, we can suggest minimum and maximum quantities. We can even back up your inventory, giving you assurance you won’t run out of key products.

The result is your inventory management time is slashed. PF Markey takes the headaches out of managing your tool crib so your employees can concentrate on what earns you money — making your product.

We will dedicate someone to monitor your tooling needs and evaluate if minimums and maximums need to be changed.

High-moving and long-lead time items can be stocked on our shelf. We maintain the inventory and you benefit from less stock-out potentials. Items on our shelves don’t show up on your balance sheet, which helps your bottom line.

Quarterly Reviews

One benefit of working with PF Markey is our quarterly reviews. No one wants to go to another meeting, but these quarterly reviews provide tremendous value to your business. During them, you will gain insight into how to improve your processes and profitability. Invite your managers, salespeople, customer service, IT, purchasing and ownership teams to the quarterly reviews. We’ll address issues, discuss cost savings and evaluate progress.

Here’s what to expect during one of these meetings.

  • Sales Figures

    A review of total quarterly sales figures.

  • Manufacturer Ranking

    Ranking summary of each manufacturer for the quarter.

  • Inventory Monitoring

    A discussion of “slow and dead inventory,” which is any item that has not been used in the previous three months. Together, we’ll determine whether to return these slow and dead items or maintain them in inventory. Many companies overlook slow and dead inventory, but that’s a mistake. We often save companies thousands of dollars by reviewing items on this list.

  • Review Project Deck

    The Project Deck is a tracking sheet with the top 10 spend items for your plant. We continually review each item on the list to determine if it is of the latest technology and whether you’re getting the best price available. We discuss each of these items during the quarterly meetings.

  • Cost Savings

    All cost savings are documented and submitted to our customers for final approval. Once approved, they are signed off. Cost savings are usually a predetermined goal for the calendar year. This becomes a valuable resource when evaluating progress toward goals. Cost savings show our commitment to the ongoing innovation and efficiency of your business.


Tooling Meetings

Brief meetings are usually held weekly or biweekly to review the Project Deck, which is a tracking sheet of the top 10 spend items for your plant. PF Markey meets with your engineering staff to discuss any new concerns with production and inventory issues. These are a great way to both stay up-to-date and cut tool costs.

We discuss high-cost drivers, cost savings, production issues and tool testing opportunities. Customers who participate in these meetings experience additional inventory efficiency and cost savings.


Signed-Off Cost Savings

All cost savings are documented and submitted to our customers for final approval. Once approved, they are signed off.

Typically, we have a predetermined savings goal for each calendar year. For example, we set a goal of reducing costs by 5% of total sales. Then, we constantly measure our actual savings against the goal. The money you save is a visible sign of our commitment to your innovation and efficiency.

Cost savings are also reviewed during the Quarterly Reviews that PF Markey holds with your team.

Regrind Services

Don’t let a lost edge shut you down. PF Markey offers 24/7 emergency regrind services. We are the only metalworking supplier in the area who can regrind a tool in 24 hours, even on a weekend. And our emergency techs have at least 10 years CNC experience.

That depth of CNC experience at PF Markey sets us apart from other suppliers. Our techs work with software with 3-D simulation that speeds up setups and allows us to review the process before cutting. CNC grinding gives us the best technology for regrinding tools with complex geometries.

We’re also flexible. Some shops can run into overly long regrind times if they’re running tools with unusual geometries, or they’re involved in development work where tool features need to be quickly tweaked. And you may have little control over the quality of outsourced tool regrinds.

At PF Markey, we work with you to determine the scheduling of jobs so you won’t find yourself at the end of a long line when your need is pressing.

Tool Testing

We have the contacts and experience to evaluate current tools being used at your facility. We can suggest potential replacements for those tools. Our goals with any suggestion are always the same: to save you money and improve your processes.

We start by evaluating the top 10 cost drivers in your business. We have the relationships with all the major manufacturers so we can make sure you are using the latest technology available, maximizing your efficiency.



At PF Markey, we offer ongoing training to keep your team up-to-date on product trends in your industry. We believe a knowledgeable team helps your company stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

We offer monthly manufacturer training onsite for your operators if needed. We also can schedule and coordinate visits to manufacturer facilities for additional training.

With nearly four decades of experience and access to more than 1,000 suppliers, we are uniquely positioned at the forefront of our industry’s technology.

We were one of the first in the nation to embrace vending and we carry that momentum forward, planning on maintaining our leadership in the industry for years to come.

You can be confident of our ability to help your team evaluate all aspects of your production.

PF Markey also places a high level of importance on training our staff as well. Every year we participate in onsite training to make sure we are informed about the latest product offerings in our industry.


Site Management

We can provide a dedicated, full-time PF Markey employee to your facility. The site manager’s sole focus is to monitor the daily needs of the facility, including ongoing tool testing, inventory needs, training and cost savings directives. Determining the need for a site manager is based on the complete scope of the account.

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Quality Assured

PF Markey holds its ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Accepted worldwide as the standard that defines quality, ISO 9001: 2008 sets the criteria for a quality management system and provides the framework to improve company efficiency, minimize risk and maximize opportunity. This certification ensures that PF Markey’s policies, practices and procedures work together to provide consistent quality to customers.

An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company

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