JIm Terry

Owner & CEO

In 1986, I was hired at PF Markey as a customer service and shipping/receiving guy. By 1987, I was on the road as a full-time outside salesperson. We hired our first additional salesperson in 1989 and moved the business to 815 Michigan Ave. from our Court Street location in the Fox Building. We continued to grow and, by 1991, had 3 outside salespeople. I was Vice President of Sales. In 1994, I purchased my first 10% of the company. I continued to buy another 10% of the company every year through 1999. In 2000, I bought the last shares from Paul Markey. I’m proud that Paul still comes to the office a couple days a week and sees customers he’s had since the late 1970s.

PF Markey
2880 Universal Drive
Saginaw, MI 48603

Phone: (989) 793-0900
Toll-Free: (989) 792-3811


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